– We’ve been able to revive elsewhere – said Małgorzata Szydłowska, co-founder, with Bartosz Szydłowski, of the Łaźnia Nowa initiative. In the renovated building of the former school, next to the theater, there will be space for artists and residents, and on site there will be workshops, concerts, films, performances, discussions and literary encounters.

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The House of Utopia – The International Center for Compassion already operates on the property of Szkolne 26 in Nowa Huta. In the abandoned school building, a modern wing was built educational centerHandicraft workshops, meeting room, art residence, movement and rest area. On a total of 2000. meters of space, the non-theatrical program line of aźnia Nowa will be implemented. The creators of the project are the founders and directors of this theater, Małgorzata and Bartosz Szydłowski.

The House of Utopia is a place that promotes empathy and openness and reminds you of that personal relationships They unite in a space of affirmation, not mutual criticism, aversion, and hatred – says Bartos Schedovsky. – The project was created in different angles, but it doesn’t really matter when you lead the idea, when you lead. It’s a testament that we can all be dreamers and there may be as many of us as possible. We dedicate this utopian house to all dreamers

– He adds.

The building, which can accommodate 600 people at a time, will host workshops, university social discussions, concerts, performances and activities bringing together innovative ideas, shapes and ideas. The center will become a space for collaboration, exchange, and the community of the art community and the people of Nowa Huta. It will not only be a literal home – for artists who come to Krakow to collaborate with the theater, but most of all a space for residents. Nowa Huta will also find a space for their activities in the House of Utopia non-governmental organizations and local artists.

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