After a dramatic defeat with Iran, the United States is back on the path to victory. The Bulgarians resisted, but eventually surrendered 1:3.

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The joy of the representatives of the United States

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The Americans started the match with the hosts of the second tournament after a thrilling defeat to Iran (0:3), which was their first in the League of Nations. To date, only the Bulgars defeated the American invaders. They surrendered, among other things, to Australia’s closing schedule.

From the very beginning, volleyball players from America did not hold hands and reliably played in attack. Soon they jumped from competitors who could not make up for the loss. This benefited the United States, which eventually outperformed its rivals with 12 wins.

This certainly irritated the Bulgarians who were playing in front of their audience. From the start of the second game, they dictated terms and presented themselves as a team that didn’t play a group until 12. In the end, the Americans made them freak out, but that’s it. Two successful attacks from the host country and we tied in Sofia.

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In the third game the Americans returned to a good game but not like the beginning. Most of the time they were in the minimal lead, but that eventually changed. The Bulgarians eventually succeeded in putting the match ball, but their opponents managed to defend themselves, and then performed two effective actions that gave them victory.

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The fans gathered in the hall, waiting for the return of the good Bulgarian match, which they presented in the second match. However, they did not live to see it, but the hosts again set difficult conditions. Although they were only advancing at the start of the set, in the end they fiercely defended the match balls and wanted to turn the match around. In the end, it was not given to them, because the score 24:23 the Americans achieved their goal and concluded the meeting.

US – Bulgaria 3:1 (25:12, 20:25, 26:24, 25:23)

United States of America: Smith, Twaniga, DeFalco, Jendrick, Ensing, Russell, Shuji (Libero), Shu, Stahl, K. Russell and Mwagutia

Bulgaria: Nikolov, Khavdarov, Barabonov, Atanasov, Gutsev, Seganov, V. Ivanov (Libro) and S. Ivanov, Kolev, Dimitrov

League of Nations 2022

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