Although the 2021/2022 season ended just less than three weeks ago Ski jumpThen, on Wednesday, we learned about the schedule of next year’s World Cup.

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We know the World Cup calendar for the upcoming season. Opening of the competition returns to the Vistula

The 2022/2023 season will start in record time. first competition world Cup It’s November 5-6, so two weeks earlier than usual. The opening location will also be changed next season. Last year it was Nizhny Tagil. due to hostilities Russian President Vladimir Putin In Ukraine, the World Cup will not be held in the region Russia. Therefore, the first competition will be held in Wissoua. To date, representatives of the “aggressor” state and “Belarus”, which also supports it, have been excluded from the competition.

A revolution in jumping. Women will fly for the first time in history

at Evaluation There are a total of 37 competitions. Next season, jumpers will compete in 32 or 33 individual competitions and in three team competitions. There will also be one or two mixed team competitions. Final number professions see you soon. There are still two Iron Mountain singles competitions awaiting confirmation – it would be a great return for this property after more than 20 years. The second competition is the mixed teams competition in Rasnov, which is scheduled for February 19, 2023.

The 2022/2023 season is also a great comeback time for other ski jumps. Bad Mitterndorf appears again in the calendar (January 28-29, 2023) and Sapporo (January 20-22, 2023), which has not been contested since the beginning of the epidemic. An important event will be the Nordic Ski World Championships, which will take place from February 21 to March 5, on an ordinary and large hill in Planica. Next season, we will also see the first full course in three years raw air (March 11-19, 2023). Next year’s struggle will end with competitions to do flights In Planica, scheduled for March 31 – April 2.

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Breakthrough season for the Polish national team

The 2022/2023 season will be revolutionary for the Polish team of Al Wathba players. After a very disappointing performance for the team, the coach was fired Michel Dolyal. PZPN He quickly finds a representative from the Czech Republic and hires him Thomas ThornbichlerFormer assistant coach of the Austrian national football team, Andreas Wiedehwelzel. The 32-year-old will help the Poles regain their former form.