W. Chorzo There is no relay race with United States of AmericaJamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada. All because of the coronavirus pandemic. Poland is not in the seven-day final, which will be competing for the medals on Sunday.

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Patrick Dubick won the gold medal in the 800 meters. “what am I doing here”

“Only sporting opportunities remain.”

– Not much of a relay, we thought we’d be quiet in our run, at least in second place – Carol said Zalowski. As for the second place, it was promoted to the final and its equivalent Olympic qualification. Unfortunately, Cagitan Dusziecki, Darius Kwaluk, Wiktor Swara and Zalowski ran behind Botswana and Italy. And they might lose to Great Britain if none of its players fell.

“You said it would be fun to watch it?” Joanna Goek and Patrick Dubick in M ​​gold relay!

The past two months have been crucial for me. Among other things, by covid problems. It’s hard for me to say something sinister now. Promotion to the Olympics is a great goal, and that goal is far-fetched. Only sports opportunities remain – Uge Dusziecki.

I can go to the Olympics. But the best of them ran away from them

This is probably more than just a sporting opportunity. We already know 12 of the 16 participants in the games, the remaining four places are occupied by the best times in the qualifying period. For now, Poland is opening this message. But it’s not the math we make for this relay, when three years ago Krzewina was in the final shift in Birmingham Hall ahead of the American and we were happy about that. Gods M and the world record.

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Jacob KrzywinaStop Jacob Krzywina! He even suffers from two years of disqualification

Instead of fighting for Tokyo, Krzewina has to fight to avoid being left out. At the moment, the Polish Doping Agency has stopped operating because it has caused its inspectors to fail three times. This appears to bypass the questionnaire. If on May 7 the athlete does not give a good explanation of his mistakes, then he will be deprived of the right to begin any competition for a period of one to two years.

“We did not get any information from him.”

Zalewski, when asked if the Krzewiny relay team would win the Olympic promotion in Chorzów, answered without hesitation: “No. We will be slower.” “Cuba was not ready,” added Carroll.

Jacob Krzywina at the endThe world champion is standing here before the matches. “This is the first case of its kind in 10 years.”

As it turns out, he was also not ready to talk to and tell his colleagues about his problems. We did not know about it at all, we discovered it like everyone else, yesterday or the day before yesterday. We did not get any information from him. We are waiting for May 7 – says Zalewski.

We also wait for years to come, because it seems the time for this relay race has passed irreversibly.