A year after the previous clash with Great Britain, Polish basketball players again faced this rival. In the previous confrontation, the islanders were the best, winning in a ratio of 75:63. The fourth team of the previous European Championships, incl. That’s why it was a favorite in the Saturday skirmish.

The match was held in Istanbul, where an elimination “bubble” was organized. The meeting in the Turkish capital was better started by the Poles, who in the first minute took a 2-0 lead, and later won 13:6 after a three-point throw from Weronika Gajda. After the first part of the match, Piao Zeroni was ahead, and the scoreboard showed the score 15:10.

The British started the second quarter with a minute “three”, which was their big advantage in this segment of the competition. Chantelle Handy struck three more times from a distance, and Janice Monacana also shot accurately between the motions of her surroundings. The British took the lead and got a minimum command, which gradually increased. Halfway through, Karol Kowalewski’s players lost to their opponents in a ratio of 28:37.

In the third match, Poland has already lost 16 losses (32:48). Nevertheless, the Polish team managed to score the longest streak of points in the match. After scoring nine consecutive points, the negative score was reduced to 41:48. But the end of the game was for Great Britain and before the last quarter it was 41:53.

In it, the dominance of the candidates was undeniable. The British dominated the course of the competition from start to finish and with their 24:8 victory they achieved a convincing win and could enjoy the full points.

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Great Britain – Poland 77:49 (10:15, 27:13, 16:13, 24:8