althoug Decorate your teeth with gold and precious stones We now mainly associate with rappers who like to flaunt their wealth, in fact, the pioneers of this custom were … the Mayans. As it turns out, it wasn’t just a matter of flaunting gold, jade, jet, turquoise, or hematite.

Especially since there are many indications of that Dental implants with gemstones have never been reserved for any particular social group or gender. Excavations indicate that as young men and women of various financial standings appeared in the offices of dentists of that time. According to new research, perhaps because it was not only related to aesthetic issues, but also Teeth and mouth protection. How do?

The properties of gold mean that it is, according to some specialists Best material for filling cavitieswhich the Mayans seemed to know much earlier than the Europeans, and when it came to precious stones, the “gum” with which they attached to the teeth was of great importance. Stone decorated teeth not only served the user’s entire life, but also survived to this day (More than 1,000 years old!).

New research shows that this binder has been used Extracts and plant materials, incl. Wood resins, which also prevent tooth decayAs well as reduce inflammation and inflammation in the mouth. Scientists have identified as many as 150 organic molecules known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

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What deserves special attention, is that the holes in the teeth, which allow the embedding of the gem, were made very precisely, and the exhibits obtained show that The damage to the dental pulp was very rare.

As scientists assure, the discovery should not be surprising to us, because earlier we managed to obtain a lot of evidence for this Mayans take oral hygiene seriouslyFor example, they regularly polish their teeth, and if they break, they perform an extraction. Only because their practices in the field have historically been overshadowed by their aesthetic habits – sawing the edges of their teeth or just blasting them with gems, has attracted more attention.

Mayan dentistry for sure It was a form of artBut new research shows that At the same time, health issues have not been forgottenNo less important, dental and oral care were independent of financial status.