The bridge was run over the Służewiecki Stream in the Wilanów District of Warsaw. The crossing created a new entrance to Miasteczko Wilanów and connected Sarmacka Street with the intersection of al. Wilanowska and ul. mowers.

To date, ROBYG has built more than 4,500 apartments in Wilanów and is starting a new investment in Wilanów – the company has completed the purchase of land with a construction potential of over 100,000 square metres. pump.

“Wilanów is a young district that has developed dynamically in recent years. Many new buildings are being built here, and therefore the population is growing – which is something we are especially pleased with. It is important that the investors who build these impressive apartment buildings pay attention to the space around them. I mean communication improvements We are happy when investors think about it for themselves We have a good example of this, ROBYG – which, together with the Municipal Road Authority, provides the much needed and much needed investment The stream from Sarmacka Street to Wilanowska Street is a new lane that opens Miasteczko Wilanów In all directions. It is all due to the fact that the new street allows driving in all directions. And the section of the road that was crowded at rush hour finally has an alternative to get in and out. I hope the investment will be beneficial for drivers and residents of Whelanow,” said Artur Buczynski, Deputy Wilano County Mayor.

“Today, we are proudly participating in the commissioning of another public investment, which we had the opportunity to implement with ZDM Warszawa for the benefit of the residents of Warsaw and the residents of Wilanów. For years, we have been involved in the creation of Miasteczko Wilanów and the building of the local community. We have provided more than 4,500 apartments to the residents of Wilanów – that is, every apartment Third in the entire area – and we have funded many public infrastructure facilities – including.Roads, intersections, traffic lights, Orlik Stadium and even a set of fountains.The bridge, which is in operation today, is a huge investment that requires large expenditures and many more famous construction activities.But it creates A new entrance to Miasteczko Wilanów and will allow residents to move faster and more efficiently to other areas.Traffic jams will be reduced during rush hours, and the comfort of living in Miasteczko Wilanów will take on a new dimension.

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For ROBYG, CSR is more than just a responsibility for our company’s activities. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to build a better future. We support local institutions, cooperate with local businesses and participate in cultural and sporting events. We carry out free infrastructure projects for neighborhoods and cities. The ROBYG Group has been involved in local initiatives for years, supporting art, culture, education and sports. We understand our responsibility in the first place to create local communities. We design and build recreation areas, BBQ areas, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and fitness areas with indoor saunas, co-working spaces and children’s playgrounds available to all residents. These green and recreational areas are a great opportunity for neighbors to socialize. ROBYG Investments are multifunctional spaces that cater to all residents’ needs.