Are you waiting for new episodes of The Crown? The first photos from the set, taken by paparazzi, have already appeared in photo agencies. See what was captured during the recording of The Crown 5.

A few days ago, Netflix revealed the first official photo of “The Crown 5” with Imelda Staunton, who will play Elizabeth II this season. However, this is not the end of the news regarding the upcoming season of this Netflix success. Photographers were able to capture photos of the crew working on the set of The Crown 5. Most confusing was the frame where you can see Princess Diana. Why is it so important and interesting? Peter Morgan, creator of “The Crown,” introduced the rule that the cast changes every few series, because actors 20 or 30 shouldn’t play a few decades older. Season 5 of The Crown will feature not only the “new” Queen of Great Britain, Prince Charles, but also Diana.

The Crown 5: Check out the latest Netflix footage. There is also a first frame with Diana!

Although Emma Corinne exceptionally played Diana in the following episodes, she will be replaced by Elizabeth Debicki. However, the aforementioned Imelda Staunton is the new Queen of the United Kingdom (previously Claire Foy and Olivia Colman had this role), and Olivia Williams will play Camilla Parker-Bowles. There are already some unofficial pictures taken in Scotland in photo agencies. Some shots were taken at Macduff, in the northeastern part of the country, where they shared scenes with Princess Anne and Elizabeth, and at the 19th century Ardverikie (Highland) manor, which “plays” Balmoral Castle. However, in this blurred shot, you can see the masked Debicki as Diana, as well as young actors playing the roles of Prince William and Prince Harry. research:

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Images from the set of “The Crown 5” / Peter Jolly / Shutterstock / East News

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The Crown 5: What will we see in the next episodes of the series? The events that will be based on the plot of the next season

In 1990, John Major became prime minister. It is expected that the creators will certainly present the events of 1992, which the press calls “Annus horribilis”, which means “terrible year” in Latin. At that time three marriages of the Queen’s children broke up, the scandalous book “Diana: Her True Story” was sold, and the fire severely damaged Windsor Castle. Then, in 1995, Princess Diana gave a high-profile interview with Martin Bashir. A year later, the couple broke up, and in 1997 a tragic incident occurred in which Diana died (the events that followed this incident were shown in the film “The Queen” by Peter Morgan).