We live with many things that are our world. We are passionately interested in the life events of our relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is easy for us to analyze and evaluate their decisions and steps taken. Many today are excited by the turmoil of the series’ heroes. We are drawn to the incredibly dynamic world of politics. There is so much going on around us. We are romantically involved in the back spaces of human life. So many stimuli that make our lives dance to music and we don’t choose ourselves. Are we able to silence him? Or maybe we live a life that is driven by others?

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The event of Pentecost and today’s celebration of this mystery of salvation tell us that there is another area in life that must be properly thought, nurtured, and managed. This is the spiritual world of man. After all, the environment of the Holy Spirit is a spiritual space. Is it not the case at times that in our entire world, and in general terms, the spiritual space has remained an area belonging to the most neglected people?

Every conversion, every step of a Christian, is a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit. The third person of God works and works, but it depends on us whether we want to or whether we are ready and open to receiving the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to wake up the Holy Spirit out loud. The Holy Spirit wants to come to us. There is a call in our repeated shouting: “Come, Holy Spirit.” He who calls for openness encourages entry, to put himself in the house. In this “Come” one can read a willingness to nurture a spiritual space. This is where the outward life of a Christian flows, not the other way around. Today, unfortunately, Christians complain about the poor state of their inner life caused by the outside world. The early Christians were able to live in a pagan world because they were spiritual people.

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Today we hear in the Gospels that Jesus promised his disciples to send the Holy Spirit. She calls it Paraclet. Translating “Paraclete” to “Comforter” means choosing only one meaning that represents “Paraclete”. The Holy Spirit is our Paraclete, as he is not only our comforter, but also our spokesperson, protector, intercessor, and helper. Jesus announces the coming of the spirit of truth that will lead the disciples to all truth. After all, Jesus said elsewhere that the truth makes you free.

In the mystery of Pentecost, in the cry of “Come, Holy Spirit,” is the mystery of holiness. Holiness, in turn, is a complete dedication to God. It is about subduing my whole life, all things, everything that happens in my life, what I experience and what I live for him. When many today offer tools for personal development by pointing out tricks to help improve their appearance, a Christian receives the Holy Spirit that organizes the inner life. The inner world of a Christian who lives by the Spirit of Christ in due time will become the visual witness of Christ’s resurrection.