– We have to do everything, I’m talking about certain patterns of behavior, vaccination, and ensuring safety at school. This is a huge job to do and I hope this job will be enough to keep this stay in the school going for as long as possible and I hope it lasts for a whole year.

The health minister said he expects students to stay in schools for at least a month or two.

– I give a guarantee of at least a month or two. Given certain levels of immunization among children, which, contrary to what it seems, are very good for the post-holiday period, because nearly 30 percent of 12-15-year-olds have already been vaccinated – he said. The vaccination campaign will not be organized in schools until the third week of September. The teachers showed great responsibility, because the vaccination rate in this category is 80%. These are the parameters that are supposed to produce population immunity in a community. For this reason, schools are safe, but also because they are well stocked with equipment. I’m talking about thermometers, stations that make this possible, and disinfectants. We spent more than 100 million PLN on this – said Adam Nidzelsky.

Niedzielski announces student vaccinations. When will they start?

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