It was used in England and Wales in the first week of July Application To detect infected contacts, the NHS Covid-19 sent information – indicated by the distinctive “ping” sound – about exposure to the coronavirus to a record number of over 520,000. Persons.

Quarantine recommendation

And although this information does not mean a legal obligation to quarantine, but rather a recommendation, it still effectively paralyzes the work of many companies and institutions, especially since the problem has worsened compared to the beginning of July, and healthy people usually go into quarantine.

Monday Minister the health Sajid JavedPrime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who has been quarantined, announced that exempt public health workers who come into direct contact with patients will be fully vaccinated if their absence causes serious employment problems. They will have to do daily coronavirus tests instead.

But many companies, due to serious staffing problems, can limit their activities at most. For this reason, one of the London Underground lines was suspended last weekend, a roads The other two were defaulted. On Monday, the Icelandic supermarket chain said it should close some stores – which it hasn’t even done while lockdownow – Because more than 1,000 of its employees have been sent into quarantine. As the head of the company added, ironically, everyone has been vaccinated. Another supermarket chain, Marks & Spencer, said it may have to cut hours.

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Automaker Vauxhall said Monday it needs to change Three shift work system for two terms, to join two other car companies – Rolls-Royce and the British branch of Nissan, which reported a staff shortage last week. On the other hand, the Greene King pub chain closed 33 places last week, because no one was working there.

This list is not exhaustive, as there are many other examples of this type. And after restrictions in England were lifted almost completely on Monday, the inevitable result will be an increase in the number of infections, “pingdemia” It will expand further. At least until August 16, when Javid announced that the quarantine obligation will be lifted for fully vaccinated people who have been in contact with an infected person. However, business is calling for this date to be expedited.