The formidable American company AT&T will open an operation center in Katowice and employ about 700 people there. The company has chosen the Global Office Park as its headquarters, Puls Biznesu also informed.

The American concern AT&T will open an operations center in Katowice

Puls Biznesu stated that the American company AT&T (the owner of Time Warner, which, for example, has HBO in its portfolio) will open a branch of it in Katowice.

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AT&T Global Office Park has chosen its headquarters, that is, the complex between Mickiewicza, Dąbrówki, Sobieskiego and Zabrska Streets.

It plans to employ up to 700 people in Katowice. I rented 16.7 thousand square meters in the GOP. Square meters in one of the two office towers.

Let’s add that this is another well-known tenant of GOP skyscrapers. The first, announced in January of this year, is ING Tech Poland, which has leased nearly 17 thousand. Square meters is about 14.5 thousand. Square meters will be constructed to operate, while more than 2,000 square meters will be constructed. It will be dedicated to a “point of attraction” – a generally accessible area for use by both employees and foreigners.

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The other three buildings are skyscrapers, including two 100-meter office towers with 25 storeys and a residential building measuring nearly 90 meters. The office towers consist of several floors and will reach their maximum height in May this year. In February, construction of the apartment building began.

Three high-rise buildings will be placed on a combined 5-story base, which will accommodate catering and service spaces, as well as car parks (there will be more than 2,000 parking spaces in the entire complex, including the underground garage). Green spaces and a relaxation area are also planned on the roof of this part.

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The two office towers will total approximately 59,000 square meters. Square meters of office space. However, in a low-rise, detached building, more than 4 thousand. Square meters in the residential tower, the apartments are planned in 23 floors, and there will be a total of 670 apartments, all of which will be rented as part of the Resi Capital platform.

The investor in Global Office Park is Cavatina Holding.