About 10-12% of world trade “passes” through the Suez Canal. The huge cargo ship “Evergiven” is stuck in this narrow artificial gap between continents. One of the largest container ships in the world has shifted sideways, completely blocking traffic in this world – a critical waterway.

A giant container ship could be stuck in the Suez Canal for days, according to Bloomberg. Economists at PKO BP point out that the day of the downtime would mean holding about 50 ships and 2.5 million tons of cargo, which puts pressure not only on prices, but also on Polish trade volume.

In their opinion, blocking the canal would affect Polish companies indirectly – & nbsp by preventing the circulation of goods, for example in & nbspport in Hamburg or Rotterdam.

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According to estimates by PKO BP analysts, 0.6 percent of the total volume was shipped to ports in the Baltic Sea region. Cargo (by weight) that flowed through the Suez Canal in the northern direction in 2019. The largest recipients are Western Europe and the United Kingdom (33.7%).


As ever, a container ship taller than the Eiffel Tower sailed from & nbspChin to Rotterdam. It was stopped early Tuesday due to poor vision.

8 & nbspproc runs through the Suez Canal. Liquefied natural gas and about one million barrels of oil per day.