The fourth season of the series Weird things This greatly increased the popularity of the song Running over this hill. After the song’s premiere, the song saw a huge increase in listeners, at one point even reaching number one on the iTunes chart, and Bush herself becoming the biggest female artist to reach number one on the UK charts.

He asked Taika Waititi, her movie, the popularity of Bush’s song Thor: Love and Thunder It can now be seen on cinema screens. journalist NME The director asked if the new MCU could benefit Guns N’ Roses (whose songs were used) to a similar extent. Waititi replied:

The point is, how did Stranger Things spoil Kate Bush? I love the show, but as someone who feels like he owns her music, I’m pissed off! I’ve become one of those old assholes who say, “Those kids have never listened to Kate Bush, they just heard one song on the show! They don’t know it! I know it!”

Waititi also admitted that before the Duffer Brothers “taken over” Kate Bush for their series, he also had plans to use her songs in his film. Among them was “This Woman’s Work,” which will accompany the scene with Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

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