The morning session ended on the last day of the European Swimming Championships in Budapest. Among the Polish team, only the men’s 4 x 100m relay qualified for the finals.

David Zwidzky was the first Polish actor in the pool at the 400-meter interchange, but he did not manage to qualify for the finals. Pole scored 4: 19.70 and finished thirteenth in the qualifiers. Their best result was David Verazzo, with a score of 4: 13.31. Aside from him, Peter Bernick, Max Litchfield, Joan Louis Pons Ramon, Ilya Borodin, Pierre Andrea Matiatzi, Maxim Stubbin and Alberto Razzetti will compete for the medals.

The second competition played during the tournament was the 400-meter free-of-charge elimination of our three representatives. Unfortunately, none of them won a place in the final. The best of them was Alexandra Pulaiska, who scored 25 in qualifying. Claudia Tarasevi was 35th, Alexandra Knapp 38. Anna Igorova was the fastest in the qualifiers. The Russian will compete for the gold medal with: Bogla Cabas, Simona Quadarella, Agna Kisley, Merv Tonsel, Julia Hasler, Beryl Boischler and Holly Hipot.

Our versatile relay 4×100 meters did very well. The men’s team, consisting of: Kasper Stokovsky, Jan Kuzakevich, Bowie Korzeniowski and Jakob Kraska, with a time of 3: 34.53, achieved the fourth result in the qualifying round, with the best representatives of Great Britain. Alongside them, the Poles will face the following competitors in the final: the Italians, the French, the Russians, the Germans, the Belarusians and the Irish. Unfortunately, our women’s relay did not qualify for the finals. Polina Beda, Dominica Standera, Claudia Nazibo, Katarzina and Wasik were excluded due to the wrong start of the latter. The best score in a 3 elimination: 58.67 was achieved by the Dutch. At the end of the tournament, they will face: Russians, Swedes, Finns, Britons, Italians, Belarusians and Danks.

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Qualifiers for men 400m varied:

1. David Verászto – Hungary – 4: 13.39

2. Peter Bernik – Hungary – 4: 13.83

3. Max Litchfield – Great Britain – 4: 13.87

13. David Schwidzky – Poland – 4: 19.70

Qualifiers for the women’s 400m freestyle:

1. Anna Igorova – Russia – 4: 08.87

2. Boglarka Kapas – Hungary – 4: 09.02

3. Simona Quadarella – Italy – 4: 09.04

25. Aleksandra Polańska – Poland – 4: 16.85

35. Klaudia Tarasiewicz – Poland – 4: 26.33

38- Alexandra Knapp – Poland – 4: 26.71

Qualifying rounds for men’s 4x100m multipurpose:

1. Great Britain – 3: 32.48

2. France – 3: 32.50

3. Italy – 3: 33.47

4. Poland – 3: 34.53

Women’s 4x100m versatile exclusion:

1. Netherlands – 3: 58.67

2. Russia – 3: 58.78

Sweden – 3: 59.36

DQ – Poland

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