On Sunday evening, 12 clubs: six English, three Spaniards and three Italians announced the creation of the Premier League, which remains very controversial. The founders of the tournament are Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Milan and Juventus. The project was rejected by clubs including Germany and France. UEFA called for an exceptional meeting and issued a special statement threatening to expel players from all competitions and suspend players from national teams.

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EU support has already been offered by French President Emmanuel Macron. The Prime Minister of Great Britain – Boris Johnson also denounced the Premier League project.

Plans to create the European Super League would be very painful for football. We support the football authorities in their activities. Johnson wrote on Twitter, the founders will beat the heart of the local game and annoy fans across the country. “The clubs participating in this project need to face the fans and the wider community before taking the next steps,” he added. His opinion on this matter is not without importance, because among the founding clubs there are as many as six teams from England.

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Tomas Frankovsky also expressed dissatisfaction with the project. – I am against these games. The European model of sport, based on unity and solidarity, and the possibility of all clubs participating in competitions must be protected. More in our statement. – Books of ex-Polish actor.