• Medical University of Silesia launches postgraduate studies for medical coders
  • An agreement to this effect was signed at the end of June by the Dean of SUM and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Association of Medical Coders.
  • The duties of a medical programmer in a hospital include: Accounting for health services funded by public funds
  • In addition, it also involves the use of hospital procedures in line with recommendations, or coding of diseases and medical procedures

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SUM launches studies for medical coders

At the end of June, the Rector of the Medical University of Silesia A. Doctor Hebb. n. med. Tomasz Szczepański and Michał Chrobot, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Association of Medical Coders, signed an agreement on the launch of postgraduate studies for medical coders.

– A medical programmer is a necessary person for every hospital, because his duties include, among other things, accounting for health services financed from public funds, the use of hospital procedures in accordance with the recommendations, guidelines and recommendations of national consultants and medical societies, but also the creation of a treatment report using codes, coding of reasons for benefits and all Activities performed during the provision or coding of diseases and medical procedures – SUM representatives mention.

– I am very happy to cooperate with the Medical University of Silesia. Interest in our specialty is constantly growing, and thanks to the capabilities of SUM, we will be able to educate more specialists – said President Chrobot.

– I do not have to say how important this knowledge is, and for our university it is very important to complete the educational offer, which translates into a practical method in the work of hospitals – said the professor. Tomasz Szczepański, President of the University of Somme.

“Thanks to the work of the cryptographers, the settlement with the National Health Fund is as reliable as possible”

– Thanks to the work of crypto-programs, the settlement with the National Health Fund, that is, our payer, is as reliable as possible, it allows you to avoid errors that could lead to specific financial losses – assessment of Renata Wachovich, Master, Director of the University Medical Center im. the professor. K. Gibiński, SUM in Katowice, which has been promoting the programmer profession for years, works with the PTKM Board of Directors.

Wachowicz’s director will be the coordinator of the Postgraduate Studies for Medical Coders, which will be conducted in the School of Health Sciences at Bytom SUM.

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