On June 2, 1953, Elizabeth II was crowned. On the occasion of the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, a documentary about the new generation of royal families: William and Kate from Great Britain, Philip and Letitia from Spain and Victoria and Daniel from Sweden appeared on the free streaming platform ARTE.tv. How have the monarchies changed over the years and what is their role in the future? The film “Royal Families: A New Generation” is available for free on VOD ARTE.tv at the link https://www.arte.tv/pl/videos/106259-000-A/rodzin-krolewskie-nowe-pokolenia/.

They sit on thrones and inherit generations of inheritance, but the continued existence of the monarchy is not clear. The future of the royal families is in the hands of the younger generation: Victoria and Daniel of Sweden, William and Kate of Great Britain, Philip and Letitia of Spain.

Despite Charles and Camilla waiting in line, Prince William and his wife Kate are already preparing to take the throne. With grace and credibility they embody a more modern vision of the royal family, giving Britons an image of a young family that is easily recognizable. In Spain, King Philip IV said in 2014 that the crown should approach his countrymen to regain their respect and trust. Since then, Philip and Letitia have been working hard to accomplish their mission, as have Princess Victoria and her husband Daniel of Sweden. Although the royal couples do not exercise power as such, they do have a great deal of influence over it. They often face significant challenges, social discontent, political turmoil, and separatist movements. Through the images of three symbolic royal pairs, the authors of the document follow the evolution of the monarchy and observe the strategies chosen by its current representatives to perpetuate it.

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The documentary “Royal Families: A New Generation” is freely available until August 23 at https://www.arte.tv/pl/videos/106259-000-A/rodzin-krolewskie-nowe-pokolenia/.

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