High-ranking auto brand managers often boast controversial opinions. Recently, the Audi boss admitted that he does not like plug-in hybrids and that electric cars are the future. Meanwhile, the head of Subaru from Great Britain, with the recent comment of Autocar, appears to have isolated himself from the legendary event that was published, among other things, by Colin McCray. “This car has no relation to the current brand.” John Hurtig, Head of Subaru UK said.

The Subaru head is on the right hand. The Japanese car manufacturer has not participated in the WRC World Rally Championship since 2008, but on the other hand, Impreza WRX models are still on display in markets outside of the UK and the brand still has a dedicated fan base around the world.

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The reason Hortig created the legend is clear. UK Subaru leadership intends to transform the brand into a leader in ‘SUVs and crossovers’. It’s an understandable business decision, given the auto sales statistics in the island nation. It should be noted that Subaru only sold 951 cars in the UK in 2020, the vast majority of them SUVs. We are talking about a decrease of almost 70% compared to 2019. “2020 was a terrible year. What are we saying? It’s just an embarrassing number” Hurtig added.

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Finally, it should be added that producing efficient and fast cars with large engines is not profitable for manufacturers today. Car brands have to achieve average CO2 emissions of 95 g / km across their range or face significant penalties. No wonder some people get stressed.