In the shadow of Thursday’s Europa League and Europa League fixtures, the late game in the 20th Premier League game, which Everton faced Newcastle, took place. But at the beginning of the second half, the match was stopped for a few minutes.

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An unexpected visitor appeared on the field, who immediately tied himself with a clip to the goalpost. It was not easy to release it because it was stuck at neck level. The work lasted several minutes. The supporter was an environmental activist, and on his T-shirt was the words “Just stop the oil,” which translates to “just stop the oil.” However, the guards and security guards dealt with the intruder.

– Activists promoting “Stop the Oil” campaigns argue that they could go to jail if necessary to shut down a UK oil refinery. reads that their campaign is to stop the search for new fossil fuels in the country.

It’s 2022, so it’s time to research and do something, not just stand aside. The situation is really an emergency. Every subsequent report says our future will be tragic and my government tells me not to worry and to pay for my retirement – Daily Mirror quotes the captive activist.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ralph RangnickThe battle of Ronaldo and Rangnick has been resolved. Manchester United got it wrong

The match resumed and the end was even more exciting. Since the 83rd minute, the hosts played the jackpot after Alan saw the red card. The first and only goal of this match had to wait in extra time, when Alex Iwobi beat the goalkeeper from close range. Dominic Calvert-Lewin received an assist and was only the third goal of the season for the former Arsenal striker. During the summer, Everton bought him from Arsenal for €30 million.

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Status in the Premier League table

With this win, Everton broke a streak of four defeats. Frank Lampard’s squad is only 17. Only because she was supposed to fight for the European cups. Newcastle is the 14th in the Premier League, Manchester City, with 29 games ahead of Liverpool.