“Squid Game” is the story of a group of 456 desperate players who take part in a mysterious and deadly game. Winning is getting out of debt. In the first episode, the main character receives a business card from a mysterious businessman, on which there are three symbols: a circle, a triangle and a square. We see them again in the uniform of the guards who were guarding the participants in the game.

“Squid Game” – Netflix

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk and costume designer Chae Kyung-sun recently spoke about the meaning of these three symbols on the guard uniform. Circles represent rank and file workers, triangular guards are armed, and squares are for managers. Besides, the costumes are no different in showing that all the guards are like working ants in an anthill.

As if that wasn’t enough, Each of the above symbols corresponds to a letter in the Korean alphabet. The circle is the letter “O”, the triangle is part of the “J” and the square is part of the “M”. Together they created the initials of the Korean game squid, i.e. “OJM” – “Ojingeo Geim”.

While we don’t know the official viewing numbers yet, it looks like “Squid Game” will outpace Netflix’s most popular series to date, Bridgetons. The controversial production was in the top 10 of the best-watched series in 90 countries.

Squid’s influence on pop culture is enormous, though not always positive. Many fans try to imitate the dangerous games they saw on the show or try to create their own challenges. Recently, such a situation happened in Great Britain.

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employment tik toco The hashtag #SquidGame has been featured over 14 billion times. The popularity of the series was caused, among other things, by the failure of the Internet in South Korea, and fans of the series sometimes got into fights in stores associated with the series.

At the moment, there is no official information about a possible second season of the series, but negotiations between the creators and netflixem ongoing.