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We are the European King of Car Import. How does this translate to climate?

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The fire started on Monday at around 2:30 p.m. near Lake Alyal along the Gaviota coast in the south California. The wind pushed the flames over the Santa Ynez Mountains toward the shore, which is why the Route 101 section is closed. Reason Bo Aro It is still under investigation.

Experts note that conditions are favorable for formation fires In California it caused climate change, including warmer temperatures with lower humidity.

A fire in California is fueling strong winds. An order was issued to evacuate some residents

about 600 Firefighter They were assigned to fight the fire, but so far they have failed to stop it. The fire occupied an area of ​​​​approximately 5.5 thousand hectares. In the InciWeb report, we read: “The fire is burning in thick wood, fueled by strong winds and growing rapidly.” He does not help the rescuers weatherForcing all fire crews to stay on the ground because the weather conditions are very dangerous.

According to expert Ray Ford, “everything is in the hands of the wind.” The wind blows at a speed of 48-56 km / h, the wind is up to 112.6 km / h. So far, its direction has prevented the flames from causing significant damage to the coast or reaching the nearby town of Giulietta in the southern part of Santa Barbara County. Authorities issued an eviction order.

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– Evacuation orders apply to residents of the Refugio Valley including Arroyo Hondo, Tajiguas and Arroyo Quemada. Expanded, among other things in the state of El Capitan park i El Capitan Campground. […] On Tuesday, it said most parts of Santa Barbara County were affected by the high winds warning CNN Television.

United States of America. Penalty kicks in Memphis. Three postal workers were killed, including the attacker