The equinox, also known as the equinox, is a special moment in the calendar. During the equinoxes around the clock, the center of the sun’s disk is above and below the horizon for the same time period. What is more, The sun’s rays fall at the equator at a 90-degree angle. Colloquially, the equinox is called the equinox of night and day, which is incorrect.

it’s because of The length of day and night will never be exactly the same. All due to the angular size of the Sun and the occurrence of the phenomenon of refraction, that is, the deflection of light rays in the Earth’s atmosphere. So Then the day lasts a little longer than 12 hours For example in Warsaw, it is about 9 minutes 30 seconds long.

The vernal equinox in Poland is an equinox, after which the sun will brightly illuminate the hemisphere for six months. The vernal equinox marks the beginning of the astronomical spring in the hemispherewhich lasts until the summer solstice.

Every year, the vernal equinox in Poland occurs around March 20 and 21. This happens when the sun passes through the point of Aries, also called the equinox point. From that moment on, the North Pole will be closer to the Sun than the South Pole.

When does spring start in Poland? The vernal equinox 2022 will be observed this year Sunday, March 20, and the astronomical spring begins on this day. This means that the coming of the new season can be celebrated twice because the date of the astrological spring does not coincide with the first calendar. This, as every year, falls on March 21.

The beginning of the astronomical spring on March 20 is one of the equivalence moments of day and night. The autumnal equinox is September. this year The autumnal equinox falls on the twenty-third day of September.

In rich Slavic culture, the vernal equinox meant a multi-day ritual related to the end of winter and a welcome springwhich is generally referred to as Jare Święto or Jare Gody. The vernal equinox of the Slavs usually begins with a sinking or burning straw doll, marzani. It was accompanied by the rattling of whips, and bells and whistles. There was no shortage of singing and playing different kinds of instruments.

To speed up the coming of spring and sunny daysAt night the hills were set on fire. The height of preparations for the coming of spring were the feasts on the sacred hills Games organized in conjunction with singing and dancing. The next evening, people would go to the graves of their ancestors, where they were left with food and the dead were remembered.