Clubs in the UK are continuing their preparations for next season. The former UK singles champion believes a new addition to the Ipswich Witches can help the team in the fight for Premier League victory.

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Jason Doyle

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In the past two years, the British Isles have hosted far fewer events than in previous seasons. Of course, it was all related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions. At that time, Jason Doyle had a two-year break from the start in the league competition in Great Britain. Ahead of the 2022 season, he has made the decision to return to the Premier League and is set to score points for the Ipswich Witches in the coming months.

Joining the singles team, the Witches of the World Champion since 2017, delighted not only club activists, but also their teammates. Former UK singles champion Daniel King, who has already defended the team’s colors in the 2021 season, suggested the Australian could be the one to “make the difference” in his fight for the top league title. Doyle has already won the UK Championship, which he won against Swindon Robbins in 2012, 2017, and 2019. In this latest season, he helped Rudzik win a double title, with the team also victorious in the fight for the knockout cup.

The team needs someone like Doyle

In addition to Jason Doyle and Danny King, Troy Batchelor, Eric Reis, Cameron Hibbs, Paul Stark and Anders Roe will also appear in the Witches’ starting lineup from the start of the 2022 season.

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– The beauty of Jason is that it is very practical and useful. He’s definitely a team player, and that’s exactly what you need when you have someone of his caliber on your team. I think our mix of players is going to be really good. It all depends on what happens on the track, but I firmly believe that if everyone does their best we can be on top at the end of the season. It could be a good year, King says at

Danny King thinks Jason Doyle can do it Danny King thinks Jason Doyle can ‘make the difference’ at Ipswichs

Engaging players with low averages can make a huge difference in your fight for the championship. The British champion from the 2016 season believes there is plenty of room for improvement in the team from Ipswich. An example of a player who didn’t seem to like last year is Troy Batchelor. The Australian has one more thing to prove not only to himself, but also to activists and fans. King is convinced of his good standing.

The former Grand Prix competitor will certainly not repeat the bad season

– I’m really pleased. We have a lot of players who have had a bad season and are very likely to improve their averages. When you have a band that is doing better than before, that’s good news. Of course, everything needs to be done on track, but we have Troy Batchelor on the team, a former Grand Prix rider who joined us with a low average after a bad season. He won’t do that again. It works twice as hard and will spend a lot of time on the track. I think Troy will be a rider again with an average of 8.00. Eric Ries and Cameron Hibbs, in turn, are able to reach the range between 7.00 and 8.00 – adds the Briton.

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Of course, King would like to advance to the playoffs, which would make the 2022 season for the Ipswich Witches longer than the previous season, when the team finished the Premier League in the regular round.

– He was really frustrated. Always more than anything else, I want my team to succeed. Despite the fact that the season in Ipswich did not go as planned, I finished it myself with an average above 8.00. This year in Ipswich was probably my best so far. The band had a really tough time, but I can make a lot of positivity out of it myself. Hopefully we can take it this year, force the whole team to move on and advance to the playoff stage – Danny King eventually confirmed.

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