West Pomeranian University of Technology on Monday organized a so-called Learning Speed ​​Dating.

On Valentine’s Day, the university in Szczecin tried to encourage journalists to monitor their research.

Scientists only had five minutes to impress radio, press, and television. This is not an easy task, because how to make a person fall in love with the subject, for example, give functional properties to starch, in order, for example, to create dishes or plastic bottles in the future – says Magdalena Zdanowicz, one of the participants of the meeting.

– Starch also has a drawback in that it absorbs a very large amount of water, so if we make a starch dish only with some plasticizer, it will simply soften from the water and lose its functional properties, so here you need to apply additional processes that will increase the barrier against water. And here the costs come into play – Zdanovich adds.

For today’s game, we’ve been looking for scientists who want to share their research – confirms Mateusz Lipka, ZUT Press Spokesperson.

– Today it was interesting to encourage journalists to work together in an interesting and interesting way and to create interesting publications on this topic later, after this meeting – says Lipka.

This was the third edition of Speed ​​Dates with the Flag.

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