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January 24, 2021

What Russell T Davis could do in the series is beyond doubt. In 2019, he gave us a great one Year after yearPreviously such a gem Gay as a people. Now he has outdone himself in action Because it is a sinBest Series, 2021. Yes, I know it’s January.

The title of the series comes from the song Pet Shop Boys (It is a sin). Generally Because it is a sin In five episodes, it goes through the entire 80’s. The protagonists of the series are LGBT youth who start their lives in colorful and open London. Richie (Oli Alexander) moves to London to study law. Later, she changed her field of study, partly because of Lydia West’s generation. Roscoe (Amari Douglas) is a construction worker who literally escapes from a religious and gay home. His family wants to send him to Nigeria, where he will likely be killed because of his sexual orientation. There’s also Colin (Callum Scott Howells), a boy from Wales who finds a job with a tailor, and there’s a friend over there, Henry – played by Neil Patrick Harris.

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The first episode efficiently introduces all heroes. We get to know them as individuals, but a certain pattern is also established and what their relationships are. Few people rent an apartment and become their families. Because most of them cannot depend on their parents or siblings to support them. Although the first episode is very hilarious, we finally find out what will be the main story Because it is a sin AIDS epidemic. When the disease turns out to be arriving in Britain, some choose to live in denial. For example, Richie had an explanation of every aspect of the new disease. Jill, who wanted to learn about her as much as possible, had a different approach. A subject that can be easily transferred to our current reality.

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Although the topic is very serious Because it is a sin Not always like this. Because there were happy moments, maybe even comedy. However, the closer to the end, the more bleak and difficult it became. Mostly because Davis has a knack for creating easily recognizable heroes. It is good if a series with such a serious plot will show a little joy. Because this is life too. We don’t want to be stuck in indifference and misfortunes. For young people, moving to a big city means freedom and the ability to be yourself, which is priceless. Because it is a sin that can beautifully show it in single strands of selected heroes.

The 1980s is perhaps one of his best decades. This is also what the revised series stems from. Decide on styling, music, makeup, and attention to detail Because it is a sin Additionally, it increases its artistic value. The series treats us with great music, without which no 1980s series would ever reflect the vibe of the era (from the aforementioned Pet Shop Boys, through Wham and Blondie to Eurythmics or Erasure).

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Also noteworthy are his impressive acting creations. Olly Alexander is known to a wider audience than his music and his band – Years & Years. Here he showed that he has an enormous talent – not just music. Richie well hides his feelings from everyone. By sleeping with whomever he falls, he interacts with the years of his life, when he had to hide his identity from his loved ones. Lydia West, who previously collaborated with Davies for his first year, is the icing on the cake. It’s a particular glue that holds all the characters together. She is very understanding and supports all of her friends in the fight against a new disease that is silently killing them.

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Because it is a sin It may be a series about the 80’s, but its tone is very global. As mentioned above, some aspects of it can be transferred to the current epidemic. The fact that it is his autobiography in part helped Davis create very real characters who have their flaws and weaknesses, but who are able to enjoy life and what it has to offer. All the heroes showed, with their strings, the difference in understanding and feeling of freedom, love or happiness. Such as Normal people They did the magic of 2020, that’s how 2021 belongs Because it is a sin.

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