Due to the company’s development, Sollers Consulting opened new offices in five Polish cities. The IT consulting firm sees a growing demand for business and IT support in the financial sector. The possibility of remote and hybrid work, as well as a shared office space are the first steps to opening new offices.

Sollers Consulting consolidated its presence in Poland and opened offices in Wrocaw, Szczecin, Kraków, ódź and Białystok. These sites currently employ 20 professionals who use shared offices and telecommuting. Recruitment for new positions is ongoing, and soon the company plans to open modern spaces in these cities, similar to the existing ones. Currently, Sollers employs 625 business and IT professionals in Warsaw, Lublin, Pozna and Gdansk. Employees in the new locations will move to the targeted Sollers offices once their teams have sufficiently grown.

The company opens new offices in five cities

– Wrocław, Szczecin, Kraków, ódź and Biaystok are known for their universities and we are convinced that the new employees will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to our organization – says Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Sollers Consulting. – The use of co-working spaces is just the beginning, as the company grows in certain locations, we plan to open targeted offices in Sollers. To date, our headquarters in Warsaw, Lublin, Pozna and Gdansk are developing very dynamically. We are convinced that the development opportunities offered and the interesting projects that we are implementing in Poland and abroad will be attractive to local talents.

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The business and IT consultancy sees a growing need to support digital transformation as financial institutions modernize IT solutions, develop digital services, and invest in new technologies. Founded in 2000, the company employs more than 700 professionals in seven offices in Poland and abroad. As part of the development initiative, Sollers is also recruiting a team in Barcelona to build its presence in Spain.

What is the power of Sollers Consulting?

– In our projects, we build strong teams made up of Sollers’ experts and our clients’ employees – emphasizes M. Pluta. We have found effective ways to create such teams in the remote working model. The return to offices will be gradual, based on a hybrid model, but in our view, building a community and direct interaction is of exceptional value. We open new offices to be closer to the staff. We also support this with several team building initiatives.

Andrzej Łach, a Sollers Consulting partner, adds that currently about 90 percent of the company’s employees work remotely or in a mixed mode.

– We have the infrastructure and solutions that allow effective cooperation from anywhere, as part of projects implemented for clients both in Poland, in Europe and abroad – he explains. We are committed to the well-being of our teams, and to shaping the future of where and how our employees work. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of a hybrid business model.

Sollers has grown rapidly in recent years and expects this growth to continue. Insurance companies and banks are changing their business models, which is causing a huge demand for experts in implementing new IT solutions and using advanced technologies. Sollers has developed a collective culture of business and IT collaboration, based on Agile and DevOps models.

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