Aesthetics is the biggest pain in Polish cities

Billboards, containers and litter are everywhere, less green, no parking space, building block on block – this is how a typical Polish city was presented in the meme. How much truth is in that?

to me Jacob jazz too much, because We do not respect the space that we have to develop:

Usually, when we can insert some additional elements that were not previously anticipated, we do so. Of course, in a week we will not reformulate it like a meme, but I believe that in a few years we will be able to achieve this “success” – he admits.

Bus station in Kielce, nominated for the prestigious Architecture Prize.  What does it look like after the renovation?

The phenomenon of billboards

Although some cities have struggled to remove billboards for years, they still dominate the public space. Why?

It is a return to capitalism and this right to property, which is often seen in Poland as a sacred right. You can’t do what you want with the terrain, because it always adheres to some regulations. There is also a typical Polish trend towards chaos. Let us remember that Poland has never been a neatly arranged country An architecture critic explained.

Not at all confirmed We do not strive to arrange architectural space in Poland. Our interlocutor often hears from the lips of the Council members that they love this mess, and that the German system is boring to them.

I hope this Dutch-German order has been in touch with our tendency towards chaos a little closer. Maybe then something bearable might arise, he said.

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Is all of Poland a mess?

The critic acknowledged that “points are better” here and there. This set includes:

  • Old town centers;
  • Modern residential complexes.

– If we only leave a larger or smaller city and cross the suburbs, these strange areas between the village and the city develop without any blueprints, with different types of apartment buildings and billboards. Unfortunately, this creates an image of Poland as a whole and a very messy country – he said.

So according to the architecture critic System changes are needed, not point-like changes like: station renewal.

Landscape decisions are a recipe for that. Gdansk, for example, has already had success, as the decision has been in effect for more than two years. After the transition period, much of the advertising media disappeared from the city – Jacob Jazz admitted.

The so-called Landscape Act of 2015.

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