The Peterborough Panthers must win on Thursday if they want to be first in the regular round of the Premier League. In theory, Rob Lyon’s counts as an easy one.

Matthews Kozaniki

Chris Harris

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Peterborough Panthers players are one step closer to winning the regular round. They can jump to the head of the table on Monday. But unexpectedly, the Panthers lost to the Sheffield Tigers at their own facility (39:51).

Manager Rob Lyon hoped his players would win this match. However, they could still achieve the goal of first place at this point in the competition.

To do so, they have to overcome King’s Lynn Stars’ home shutdown on Thursday. It is worth adding that the “stars” will not be in vain.

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– On Monday we were beaten by a better team. It was a night to forget. We have to deal with what went wrong before the qualifiers. We want to win on Thursday,” Scott Nichols said in an interview with

The meeting is scheduled to begin in Peterborough at 20:30 Poland time. A live text report of this match will be provided through the WP SportoweFakty portal.

Prime minister:

Peterborough Panthers – Kings Lane Stars, Goods. 20:30, RELACJA LIVE ->

Peterborough Panthers: 1. Ulrich Oestergaard (z/z), 2. Simon Lambert, 3. Michael Palm Toft, 4. Scott Nicholls, 5. Chris Harris, 6. Hans Andersen, 7. Jordan Palin

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Kings Lane Stars: 1. Richard Lawson (z/z), 2. Ben Parker, 3. Eric Rees, 4. Louis Kerr, 5. Thomas Jorgensen, 6. Connor Mountain, 7. Casper Andersen

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