On Tuesday afternoon, FIFA leaders announced the names of the three riders who will travel in the 2022 season to claim the MotoGP 2 Grand Prix medals, the individual World Under-21 Championship.

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Benjamin Basso in a red helmet

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On Saturday, on the circuits of Kresko, Jeslavid and Daugavpils, the qualifying tournaments were held, which gave us the names of twelve regular participants in the MotoGP 2 Grand Prix. In this group there was a group of Poles, to the delight of the representative Polish fans, namely: Jacob Mikowiak, Mateusz Schwednecki, Mateusz Cernyak, Victor Lamparte and Wiktor Przymski.

On Tuesday, the cast was supplemented with the names of three motorcyclists who will be running from so-called permanent wild cards. As expected, the FIM awarded them to the players who finished fifth in the qualifiers: Timi Salonen (Finland), Benjamin Basso (Denmark) and Gustav Grahn (Sweden).

It was also decided to appoint five permanent reserves. This group included: Tom Brennan (Great Britain), Kenan Rio (Australia), Norik Bloedorn (Germany), Ernst Matguszonok (Latvia) and Iber Ambognani (Argentina).

Speedway GP 2 will start on May 27 in Prague, and the next two rounds will take place: August 14 in Cardiff and September 30 in Toruń.

Participants in the MotoGP 2 Grand Prix:
#515 Jakob Mikowiak (Poland)
#842 Mateusz Cerniak (Poland)
#47 Wiktor Lambert (Poland)
#505 Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland)
#108 Mateusz Schwednicki (Poland)
#717 Daniel Klima (Czech Republic)
#44 Peter Schluback (Czech Republic)
#201 Jan Kvich (Czech Republic)
#196 Kevin Jol Pedersen (Denmark).
#408 Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)
#43 Kasper Henrikson (Sweden)
#2 Francis Gusts (Latvia)
#92 Benjamin Basso (Denmark)
#281 Timmy Salonen (Finland)
#118 Gustav Grahn (Sweden)

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reserve cycle:
#27 Tom Brennan (UK)
#127 Keynan Rew (Australia)
#33 Norik Bludoorn (Germany)
#38 Ernst Matissonuk (Latvia)
#111 Ypres Ambognani (Argentina)

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