It was supposed to be a Polish Sunday in Manchester. The Poles joined the second day of SoN as leaders. Even though the second part of the main stage didn’t completely go according to their wishes, they won with complete confidence to the finals. The crucial ‘white and red’ race had a great start, but Maciej Janowski fell down on lap two. The highway rider got up quickly, but to no avail. Great Britain unexpectedly reached the gold, and Poland again had to be satisfied with the silver disc.

For the third time in a row, the Poles stood on the second rung of the podium. This time the result was not particularly satisfactory. The last winners – the Russians – began the fight without the big stars. It seems that no one will be able to threaten the Polish team. – As a team, we did a great job. There’s nothing to complain about, silver is also a great achievement. We traveled both days beautifully. Only that last gear changed the situation. We won two days, driving perfectly as a team – Bartosz Szmirzlik said in an interview with Canal+ right after the competition.

Of course, during the conversation with the actors, the topic of the unfortunate incident was raised in the final. Maciej Janowski described the situation from his point of view. – I’m hooked on the second bow. When she began to attract me, I caught on so quickly that I began to approach Bartik quickly. I didn’t want to bump into her, so I took some gas. As a result, the motorcycle can no longer dig, and therefore fall. It’s hard to predict things like this on the track, the rider said.

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Betard Sparta Wrocław player was visibly upset. We did our best and fought to the end. I would like to do this race again right away and play it differently. I knew Bewley was going to drive over the fence, so I wanted to go that route – Janowski added.

There was also a short discussion about the regulations regarding the selection of the World Champion for the team. According to many, one gear should not decide everything. – Regulations are what they are, said Janowski. – Why bother. Zmerzlik added: There have been others since then asking.