Rumors about the development of Bloodborne are back. Whistleblowers have reported that Sony has no intention of abandoning the brand and, with the recently acquired team, is working on survival and recovery. The game will also hit the PC.

Rumors of the return of Bloodborne are systematically reaching the public, but the full happiness of the production supporters lacks a specific announcement from Sony – the PlayStation producer has full IP rights. Recently, famous whistleblowers commented on the situation, being sure that the Japanese never again put the brand in the drawer.

Colin Moriarty from Last Stand Media (formerly IGN journalist) already We previously mentioned the return of Bloodborne, while he mentioned it now Bluepoint Games could be working on a modified version of Bloodborne on PlayStation 5 and at the same time got the chance to create a complete sequel.

XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who has shared several important rumors from the PlayStation camp over the past few months, agrees with this information. In his opinion Bluepoint Games is already updating Bloodborne and Bloodborne 2. In addition, insiders claim that Bloodborne for PC has already been prepared and awaits release.

If Baker is right, the Japanese can wait for Bluepoint Games to develop Bloodborne for PS5 for the PC release of the game. In this case, production will move to two devices at the same time – just as in the case of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.