When it comes to competing in the World Junior Championships, Poland is the absolute leader. For sixteen editions, the Poles did not stand on the podium only once – in 2011. The Polish team won as many as thirteen gold medals. We have been defending the title continuously since 2014. This is a declassification. It seems that the Danes are trying to keep up, but on fourteen discs they reach the most valuable disc only twice.

Therefore, before each final, the Polish fan has high expectations. Polish players are accustomed to him victories, so this person expects them. For many, the outcome other than gold will be a disappointment or even a failure. It’s hard to leave this tiny margin of error to the employees, because anything can happen, and the competition is awake. On the other hand, we are entering the competition packed hard, so victory is very likely.

This year it was decided to choose the champion differently. Namely, the formula from Speedway of Nations was used. Teams will play in pairs, and the team will create three highway racers. The Poles suffered a little from this. Currently, Raffaie Dubroque will have no problem putting together a strong four-man squad. The same cannot be said of other countries.

However, the Jakub Miśkowiak – Wiktor Lampart duo are a pair of young giants. They both confirmed it at IMŚJ, while driving into the final. In the entire competition on the track, Miśkowiak lost only one point, losing in the last round. The players also do a great job in the PGE Ekstraliga, and in the individual Polish youth tournament, as planned, they took the two highest places. They will be supported by Mateusz Cerniak, so you don’t have to worry about possible changes.

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The most dangerous competitor in the fight for victory will be Denmark, led by Mads Hansen. Dane is a first-round winner of IMŚJ, and is also a pillar of the OK Bedmet Kolejarza Opole. The Latvian team, especially Francis Justus, may turn out to be a dangerous team. There were a few interesting players on other teams. However, it is important to be clear – Poland is going to Bydgoszcz for gold.

Representation alignment in DMŚJ:

Jacob Mikoviak
Victor Lamparte
the reserve: Matthews Cernyak

Matthew Gilmore
Keynan Rew
the reserve: Brayden McGuinness

Mads Hansen
Tim Soerensen
the reserve: Marcus Berkimus

Francis Justus
Ansviesulis records
the reserve: Daniel Kolodinsky


Philip Hellstrom Paing
Alexander Wentin
the reserve: Jonathan Grahn

Great Britain:

Tom Brennan
Drew Kemp
the reserve: Leon Flint

Czech Republic:

Daniel Clima
Jean Masek
the reserve: Peter Schlubeck

The competition takes place on Friday 10 September in Bydgoszcz. The start time of the competition is set at 19:00. Broadcast on TVP Sport. Live coverage can be found at interia.pl.