Salfast Wolves have not given up on the idea of ​​acquiring Matej Zaggar. Slovene is putting a lot of pressure on activists from Krosno, and they are increasingly considering hiring a 38-year-old highway racer. If the transfer is successful, it may change the balance of power in eWinner 1. League.

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Matej Zagar

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Interest in Matej Zagar from last season’s finds is nothing new. Silfast Wilkie Krosno had started talks with a Slovenian national a long time ago, but there were no details before. Former Valopaz player Zielona Gora hesitated at first, because he was counting on a participation in Arged Males, which was promoted to PGE Ekstraliga. However, the inhabitants of Ostrow were not particularly interested in him. So it soon became apparent that Zagar was left looking for a club at the bottom of the league.

In recent days, Zagar began to put pressure on activists from Krosno. When we were able to establish, the Slovenian took a step back and decided to lower his financial requirements, which so far have been too high for all teams in the eWinner 1st Liga. In return, Cellfast Wilków authorities have told him that they are ready to invest more in the team. The final deal is really close. The decision can actually be made at any time.

Cellfast Wilków activists must now answer the question of what they want to fight for in the 2022 season. The signing of Matej Zagar could mean that the citizens of Krosno will be able to start a fight with Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra. In addition, downloading the Slovenian language will be an excellent marketing move, which will certainly translate into the sale of tickets before the next season. No wonder, then, that having a former GP entrant with huge extra-league experience is a tempting prospect for the Wolves.

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Let’s add that there is also a Plan B ready in Krosno. If Zagar’s transfer fails, Vaclav Milik remains in reserve, who is desperate to extend his contract with the club.

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