Although Brexit became a reality more than 1.5 years ago, Great Britain has not yet tightened entry rules into its territory. But this will change. From 1 October, entry into the UK will only be possible with a valid passport.

From that date, citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss will not be able to cross the British border on the basis of a national identity card. The exception will be people with settled status or temporarily resident in the UK, who obtained it on the basis of an ID card.

The British Home Office announced that 1.1 million Polish citizens have applied for stable or temporarily settled person status, of which 1.007 million were processed by June 30, of which 97%. Ended with awarding the center.

Entry into the UK by car can only be done with valid number plates, and the driver must have a vehicle registration and insurance certificate with them. You do not need to have a green card certificate, these are the requirements for a short stay in the UK.

If the person comes for a purpose other than a short stay, the vehicle must be re-registered and insured with an insurance company there. If we don’t, we could risk a heavy fine, and even vehicle confiscation.

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