The victory at the Speedway of Nations did not have a positive effect on the British racing circuit. The disturbing news comes from Birmingham. The local club was late in rewarding three players.

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Paco Castagna

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At the end of November, the talk was high about the huge problems facing the Eastbourne Eagles. The deserving club withdrew from the tournament in August, and Richard Lawson revealed a shocking background. Activists asked him to … drive for free. – I’m without money – openly confess (you can read more about it Here).

As it turns out, problems have also afflicted the Birmingham Promise. This team managed to reach the end of the season, and even succeeded in the playoffs. They only lacked one point to secure a round in the quarter-finals.

Valentin Grobauer reported the club’s bankruptcy. The German player described the whole situation on social media.

Watch the video highway. A young man known about foreign rookies: “This is a Polish league, so let the Poles begin.”

“It’s a pity that three of the seven players (Eric Reis, Paco Castagna and myself) haven’t been paid for the last two games,” said Grobauer. “We sent a lot of messages to David Mason, but all we got in return were excuses.” Instagram.

“It’s a little bit of money, but it’s still money. We, the players, have bills to pay, as all people do. The season has cost us a lot, especially the three of us, because we had to travel a lot – pay for fuel, mechanics and equipment and sometimes eat and drink too – added.

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Grobauer also said he would like fans to know how players are treated for doing their job. Currently, the Birmingham Promises’ start in next year’s competition is in doubt.

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