The LOTOS Rally Team leads the way efficiently and at an even pace, avoiding the mistakes that happen to more experienced competitors. At the eleventh attempt, eight-time world champion Sebastien Ogier, who also had a lot of problems yesterday, withdrew from the Tour. Kajetan Kajetanowicz also had a lot of time after the regulator corrected, which looked at yesterday’s situation, where the pole was blocked by a competitor. All this allowed the LOTOS Rally Team competitor to return to the position of second runner-up in the competition.

– We started the day well, the first episode was a success for us. We’re back on the podium and I’m happy about that. I am also happy that our car performed flawlessly, because it really matters in such difficult conditions. I really enjoy riding here, however the stages are grueling. We avoid mistakes that could cost us dearly. The second episode is very long ahead and strategy will play an important role here, because when choosing tires, we must not forget that tomorrow is also a day. It’s good to meet so many fans from Poland on the roads. Such support here immediately and from those who are shaking their fingers at home gives a lot of motivation. Now a short break, after which we will try to maintain a good pace, do our work and … drink a lot of water because it is really hot – sums up Kajetan Kajetanowicz, LOTOS Rally Team driver.

The afternoon loop will include more trails of Vieira do Minho (17.48 km), Cabiceras de Pasto (22.03 km) and the stunning Amarante section of 37.24 km. The day ends with the Porto Foz section (3.30 km).

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Kajetan Kajetanowicz’s beginnings are backed by the strategic partner of the LOTOS Rally team – Grupa LOTOS, as well as the technical partner of Delphi Technologies, Pirelli, SJS Driving Experience and Grupa Sikora.

Rally Portugal 2022, unofficial WRC 2 rating after SS 12:

1. Suninen / Markkula (Finland, Hyundai i20 Rally2) 2:25: 55.3 seconds
2. Rosell / Sarrod (France, Citroen C3 Rally 2) +9.2sec
3. Kajetanowicz / Szczepaniak (Poland, Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo) +47.3sec
4. Solberg / Edmondson (Sweden / UK, Hyundai i20 Rally2) +57.1 seconds
5. Ingram / Drew (Great Britain, Skoda Fabia Rally 2 Evo) +3: 08.4 sec
6. Marczyk / Gospodarczyk (Poland, Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo) +3: 38.0 seconds
7- Zaldivar/del Barrio (Paraguay/Spain, Hyundai i20 Rally 2) +5: 20.4 seconds
8. Guerra jr./Fernández (Mexico / Spain, Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo) +5: 48.5 s
9. Teodosio / Teixeira (Portugal, Hyundai i20 N Rally2) +6: 06.9 seconds
10. Araujo / Ramalho (Portugal, Skoda Fabia Rally 2 Evo) +6: 54.6sec

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