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Author: Sebastian Wielechowski / Super Express
Narrow streets in Piazza Savior

Some missed it, and others prayed for it to happen. Some prayers were answered. The return of the idea of ​​using the road in Zbawishila Square! Last year, route narrowing was introduced as a pilot, and according to Warsaw’s president, Rafael Terzskovsky, was greeted favorably. However, the votes are mixed.

A year ago, President Rafael Trzaskovsky decided to test the new idea in Zbawishila Square. This year will be repeated. A question was asked on the Facebook page of the capital, Warsaw – Do you miss the gardens at Zbawiciela too? – Posted to their Facebook. Just like last year, we will be expanding the park space for the bars in the square. The first arrangements are already behind us to start the summer edition of Zbawix on June 3rd – added.

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Responses to this question varied in the comments. Local people were very excited to see everything return to normal after Covid-19. But there were also negative comments. – Breakwaters again? Don’t you understand that we just don’t want them? Aside from that, no one was sitting there. Play up to your armpits … – Internet user commented.

Last year, the city had to collect a lot of extra money to enforce a blockade in order to increase the revenues of several private entrepreneurs. – Said a year ago Deputy Minister and member of Baej Pobża City Council.