Ms Shirley Bassey added a slight glamor to the coronavirus measures, as she wore an embroidered face mask and a floor-length gown to celebrate 70 years of show business.

The 83-year-old singer will also release her first new album in over five years.

The Golden Division directed James Bond The movie Goldfinger in whose theme she sang in 1964, which made her famous all over the world.

The Welsh star was photographed in Italy earlier this fall, in an ornate room filled with marbles with Roman columns and steel windows looking out onto a garden.

Can there be a lot of gold in one outfit? Mrs. Shirley doesn’t think so

She described her upcoming record, I owe you everything, as a “great ending.”

Dame Shirley released 70 albums during her career and sold nearly 140 million records.

She is also the only artist to have performed more than a Bond song – having scored three – Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker.

She first started singing as a teenager in her native Wales, performing in bars and clubs while also working in a factory.

She became the first Welsh singer to score number one, in January 1959, with As I Love You from The Bewitching album Miss Bassey.

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Other accolades include being the first recipient of the Brit Award for Best British Solo Female Artist in 1977, and being the first musician to receive the Cardiff City Freedom Award.

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She was awarded the title of Lady for her services in the performing arts in 2000.

Her latest album, Hello Like Before, was released in 2014.

The new album, which will include both new and old material, will be released on Decca Records later this year.