Amazon goes back to its roots, which is education, to reach out to the talented French screenwriters of the future, who will enrich Prime Video with their stories.

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Amazon has made an unusual, but very interesting and forward-looking decision, which may not only be an added value for Prime Video, but also an important direction for the future, for both these and other streaming services. The company launched the Victorine Narrative Lab. Really A mentorship program for aspiring writersShe aspires to write a movie script. The educational initiative came thanks to Amazon’s collaboration with the city of Nice and the leading French film school, ENS Louis-Lumiere.

The program will enable novice screenwriters to create, develop and improve their own workshop under the technical and professional supervision of French authors, screenwriters and lecturers from ENS Louis-Lumiere. The primary objective of the course is for students to write professional film scripts that will be achieved by Amazon Studios.

Recruitment soon

The Victorine Narrative Lab will be operational for five months. You will be able to participate in it whether it is stationary or online. However, the most enjoyable is the possibility of attending classes that will color the Cote d’Azur. The course will start in January and end in May 2022. The first recruitment will start soon.

Amazon will have the right to the final work of the course participants. The best scenarios will be adapted and presented in movie form to a wide audience on Prime Video.

The choice of France was not accidental. It is not only one of the culturally richest countries when we think about the art of cinema, but it is also one of the most important markets for broadcast media in Europe. Only Germany and Great Britain can boast of more citizens using services such as Netflix or Prime Video.

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Prime Video presses the accelerator pedal

Amazon firmly believes in the success of Prime Video, which is already accessible to nearly 200 million users, and the appetite is certainly greater. That’s why the company acquired MGM a few months ago and is increasingly ahead of the individual markets.

Recently, a wonderful promotion was launched in Poland, which boils down to the fact that not only we get 30 day trial period To Prime Family Services, but after it expires, we only pay PLN 49 for the first year. The promotion applies to both users who are already using Prime Video and those who are not yet convinced of the site.

Squid Game Netflix za darmo

It is worth trying. Prime Video features productions like “The Boys,” “Nine Strangers,” “The Man in the High Castle,” “Carnival Row,” “Invincible,” “The Expanse,” “Little Bonfires,” “Bosch,” and “Fleabag.” “,”Homecoming”,”The Great Mrs. Maisel”,”The Grand Tour”and”Star Trek: Picard”. The serial version of the horror movie “Last Summer’s Nightmare” made its debut on the website.. And these are just a dozen of nearly 1,200 productions that can be viewed on Prime Video.

Not just “Lord of the Rings”

Nurturing creative minds is a great move that doesn’t sound as amazing as Announcing the Serial Version of “The Lord of the Rings”But it could be just as productive in the future. Amazon will have access to the dream projects of French screenwriters, which could eventually turn out to be huge hits.

We hope this pilot project and more will be successful We will see the next editions of the courseHowever, similar initiatives will be launched in other countries where Prime Video is available.

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