Ryan Christie was filling his heart while the usually reserved Steve Clark admitted he might “cry later” as feelings surfaced after Scotland’s victory in Serbia to qualify for the European Championship 2020.

Scotland put their fans in trouble as they qualified for their first major tournament since 1998 after David Marshall saved a penalty by Alexander Mitrovic in the penalty shootout to send them to the 2020 European Championship.

Scotland’s prize for winning in Belgrade was their place in Group D alongside England, Croatia and the Czech Republic – and the mouth-watering Euro 2020 table that will see two of their matches – against Croatia and the Czech Republic – in Glasgow.


Highlights of the European qualifiers “Track C” between Serbia and Scotland.

Scotland turned upside down due to Clark’s influence in bunker with a series of nine matches unbeaten and the coach was unable to hide his feelings the whole time despite claiming “he was quiet” during the penalty shootout.

Clark said Sky Sports: “It took a while to get people involved, but we were positive and nobody could be more proud of the players on the field. One or two players were in tears and that shows how much the impact that was.”

“When David Marshall saved the last penalty, I had a little glint in my eyes. I might have cried when I got to my room later.


Scotland coach Steve Clark said he could shed a tear in his hotel room after his team qualified for their first major tournament since 1998.

“Usually, we fall at the last hurdle or fail miserably, but I thought we were the best team in the match and we deserved to be ahead. We couldn’t score the second goal to kill him.”

“Giving up after that from steady play when they were throwing everyone into the penalty area was a huge setback, but you have to be very proud of the players, the way they responded to it.

“It was painful because we were really close to where we wanted to be. The reaction was to dig through the extra time, and we were able to do it. We got to the penalty shootout and were able to get it back from a spot kick. It’s a great night for everyone in Scotland.” .

“We said we will try to bring smiles back to the faces and I hope they can enjoy the match like we did here in Belgrade. They can smile tomorrow.”

Christy Cry: Wonderful night

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Ryan Christie is in tears after helping Scotland secure their place in the Euro 2020 championship with a penalty shootout victory over Serbia.

Christie thought he scored the winning goal during normal time, but Luka Joviش’s equalizer in stoppage time was forced into overtime. The Celtic man linked the play between the lines with great maturity and this was evident from what seemed to be the moment he won the match from 22 yards – a goal that would have overseen any major tournament.

He was replaced in the final stages of regular time, so he was a must-watch from the seam as the drama unfolded.

“It’s just an amazing night,” said Christy, crying.

“From the start, we sort of believed. Obviously, the last few camps we gained a lot of faith in each other. Even the way the game went tonight, you conceded the late equalizer and still digging. Penalties while you were away from home but the big Marchie comes. Once again, it’s unbelievable.

“When you’re on the court, you always feel you can influence him. When you’re off the field, you can’t watch. Those punishments are the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s all. Oh, she’s gone.

“It’s just for the whole nation. It was a terrible year for everyone. Entering the game we learned that we can do something small for this country. Hope everyone back home gives a party tonight because we deserve it.”

“We’ve been through many years. We know it, you know it, and everyone knows it. It’s a monkey in the back now. We’ll move on from here.”

Marshall hopes the fans can cheer up Scotland

David Marshall, the Scottish champion penalty-blocker, hopes the Tartans can personally cheer them up next summer.

Clark’s team will face the Czech Republic and Croatia in Hampden Park, on both sides of the Wembley trip, to face England in June at Euro 2020, and after a 22-year absence from major international tournaments, Marshall is keen that the fans are inside the stadiums. .

Marshall said, “Obviously, I am of a certain age now that I can remember the old tournaments. It’s been a very long time and he’s very emotional.

“I’m glad to be there. Maybe not drowning. I’ve seen Ryan Christie cry and it just shows how important getting there is for boys.”

“The families clearly want us to continue, the fans who just can’t be here. Hopefully by next summer everyone will have a chance to go.

“The travel enthusiasts over the years have been amazing. So I’m so happy [and] Just desperate at tournament time, the Covid situation is clarified and fans can go and enjoy it. “

Scottish players celebrate after saving David Marshall who secures a penalty shootout during the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers between Serbia and Scotland in Belgrade.
David Marshall is being attacked by his team-mates after a penalty kick sent them to the Euro 2020 Finals.

As for the dramatic penalty kick that sent me to the Euro 2020 finals, Marshall did not immediately celebrate if he was punished for the transgression.

He added: “Right after that there was a delay because the referee said, ‘Don’t celebrate if you save because there is a VAR check.”

“I made the decision before they jumped on me, luckily. I was just hoping and praying that he wouldn’t order a take-back because the boys were on their way and didn’t know he was being examined.”

“It felt good. I had a little doubt but the referee told us very quickly. But when you wait 22 years, what’s another four or five seconds?”

Robertson: I was more emotional

Andy Robertson, captain of Scotland and Liverpool full back Andy Robertson, admitted it was “the most emotional thing after the game” and praised the mentality of his team-mates.

“I don’t think I can [sum it up]. There were a lot of emotions in the game, after which I got very close and ended up in a draw. You have to pick yourself up for extra time, which we did. When you get on penalties, you always support Marshy which is if the guys can keep their temper, and they do.

“We have come a long way with this squad and I support every one of them because they were subjected to a lot of criticism and a lot of negativity at times.

“We stuck together and struggled through it. I really hope everyone back home sees the positive side of this because we are so happy. I really hope during a really tough time, we were able to put a smile on a lot of faces.

“It’s the most emotional one I’ve experienced after a match but we can look forward to next summer now.”

Analysis: Mitrovic was heading for glory

Aleksandar Mitrovic feels good after missing a decisive penalty
Aleksandr Mitrovic relieved after missed a decisive penalty

Darren Fletcher on Sky Sports:

“Unbelievable! The penalty shootout was painful! I’m annoying! David Marshall is the champion of the whole country! But the parameters of all the penalties were great.

“Talk about the character. These guys just didn’t get ahead in thinking,“ Imagine if I were the one I’d miss. ”They were positive – then Marshall was the hero.

“I imagined every one of them were advancing. There was something about Mitrovic; he was saving himself for fifth. Our main striker went up first – hit, back in the back of the net. People think of glory and headlines; that’s what I thought about Mitrovic.”

“Then Big Marsh – what a hand.”

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