Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of condemned tweets Fox NewsAccusing the network of forgetting “what made them successful, what made them there.”

“They forgot the golden goose,” Trump wrote in a tweet posted on Thursday noon:

Donald J Trump

.Embed a Tweet Daylight ratings completely collapsed. Weekend day even worse. It’s so sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, and what made them there. They forgot the golden goose. The biggest difference was between the 2016 and 2020 elections Embed a Tweet!

November 12, 2020

The letter was released after the president, who refused to acknowledge his election loss to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, retweeted multiple comments from his supporters, many of whom expressed the view that they would rely instead on the right-wing cable channel and Newsmax.

Late Thursday, the headline news on was “Sen. Ted Cruz to Newsmax TV:” The media don’t decide the presidency. “

Among Trump’s tweets was one by a user called “Appalachian Christian,” who said, “You fit yourself in Left Fox 4 NewsMaxxxxx.”

Fox was one of the first news organizations to call Arizona for Biden and warned its readers that Trump’s claim of victory was false.

Monday evening, Fox hosts Neil Cafuto Cut away from the campaign event White House press secretary Kylie McCannani hosted her at the Republican National Committee headquarters when McNani said the Trump campaign team “wanted every legal vote counted.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa – I just think we have to be very clear. She accuses the other side of welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting. Unless she has more details to support it, I cannot go on showing this,” said Cafuto from the studio. Well.

Trump claimed Monday, without evidence, that “the network’s ratings have completely collapsed.”

However, Trump’s embrace of Newsmax has turned into an increase in ratings, with viewership jumping from an average of 65,000 people ahead of the election to 800,000 viewers Prime time emerges this week, according to Nielsen data quoted in the New York Times, which reports that the NewsMax app was the fourth most popular app on the Apple App Store on Thursday.

Later on Thursday, Trump tweeted praising him Two fox hostsBoth are longtime Trump loyalists, touting the “must-see” segment of commentator Sean Hannity and “Certain Powerful Piece” by Fox Business Network anchor Le Dobbs.

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