Nauka channel is one of the most popular science channels on Polish YouTube. I love that. Its creator just announced the launch of a mobile game for Android and iOS that will allow you to meet great scientists while having fun.

Learning through playing

People who are more or less interested in science should link the channel to know. I love that on youtube. It is run by Tomasz Rożek, Doctor of Physical Sciences and Science Publisher, which presents many issues in physics, chemistry, biology and other fields of science in an accessible manner. The channel also includes information about eminent scientists or comments on current world events.


One of the projects led by Tomasz Rożek is Superheroes Academy, as part of it we can get acquainted with the profiles of the great Polish scientists, whose works often had a great impact on the world around us. As part of it, a book and a card game have already been created, and now a mobile game is being joined for devices running on Android and iOS.

as The authors assert themselvesScience game. I love that! The academy is a mobile world full of scientific adventures and secrets that we will have to uncover. While exploring the virtual world, we will join the Superhero Academy, run by the best Polish scientists. Don’t worry, we definitely won’t have to sit through long and boring lectures – we have to feel like we’re in an exciting, thrilling movie.

to know.  I love that

It is true that the production is aimed at a younger audience, but it should be enjoyed by everyone. to know. I love that! The Academy allows you to get acquainted with outstanding scientists who changed the world. The player will learn a lot about his work, but most of all he will have to solve many puzzles, create unusual devices and also defeat villains.

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The game is now available

With the science game. I love that! I only spent a few minutes with the academy, so I don’t want to give any grade. However, I must point out that the production looks really good. You can see a lot of effort went into tuning this title, and the 3.1GB size (iOS version) promises me a really long adventure.

The game is available for free. We find it in both google appswhat or what App Store. So it remains to wish you a good time.

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