We stand in solidarity with Poland regarding the migration crisis; German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said we know the big challenges that Poland faces with the attacks on the border. He thanked Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for his unequivocal words of support.

At the press conference on Sunday, a question was raised about the migration crisis at the border between Poland and Belarus.

The German chancellor described Lukashenka’s actions as a “terrible thing”: using people for his political ends. “This is why it is important that the countries of the European Union and the Union as a whole react not only with specific sanctions, but also to have a dialogue,” Schultz said.

He considered it a good sign that a large number of immigrants to Belarus had returned to their countries of origin. “We will support it because it is a good solution to this situation,” he added.

“It is well known that Poland is facing great challenges in connection with these attacks, and that is why we stand in solidarity with Poland,” he said.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that the border should be narrow and that it is now guarded by several thousand soldiers and several thousand border guards and police.

“The vast majority of immigrants from the Middle East (…) would like to go mainly to the territories of Germany, the Netherlands and France. Therefore, while defending the eastern borders of the European Union, we also defend the German borders as well as the free movement of goods and the openness of the Schengen borders.”

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He also thanked Schultz for his “unequivocal words of support.” (PAP)

Author: Aleksandra Rebelińska, Grzegorz Bruszewski

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