A broker in two versions with two different processors? Presumably the Samsung Galaxy A53 as well. Will USA and Korea get a better version of Samsung again?

Samsung Galaxy A53 He blows a brick before the premiere. There are markets where it would be a natural choice for any user who doesn’t want a flagship. This is exactly what it was like with his predecessors. So much so that the Korean manufacturer, in order to avoid supply problems, will supply it with two models of processors. They haven’t played that yet.

Or maybe they were playing, but not directly. A good example is the Redmi and Oppo models, which often have different specifications in China than in other markets. Samsung is familiar with such licks – Exynos instead of the Snapdragon in the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 was a case in point. Now it will do the same with the Samsung Galaxy A53.

Samsung Galaxy A53 / fot. LetsGoDigital & Technizo concept

Samsung Galaxy A53 will appear with two processors

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy A53 will run on the Exynos 1200. No, that’s not a bug – it’s not about the MediaTek Dimensity 1200, but about a completely new processor. This chip does not appear to be as efficient as the Snapdragon 778G of its predecessor, but it could be early standards. However, it will certainly be very energy-saving, which, with a 5000 mA cell, promises a great working time.

This variant is intended for the United States, and possibly Korea as well. Malicious – myself included – might say these markets will get a better version, but we’ll have to wait with such comments until the premiere. The problem is that we don’t yet know what system the European variable should drive. It seems that Samsung wants to avoid problems with the SoC supplying its media and limited availability in this way.

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More about the design and specifications of the medium Samsung Galaxy A53 You will find it in the entry below. It’s a great looking piece of gear combined with a nice piece of equipment. But is this enough to replicate the success of its predecessors – best-selling Android phones?

Feast your eyes on the broker with a pioneering look. Samsung Galaxy A53 renders S22 useless