Samsung has been creating Exynos processors for years, which are implemented in individual devices of the Korean manufacturer. According to the latest information, the upcoming Exynos chip with graphics from AMD will provide higher performance than all current chipsets for Android smartphones.

Is Samsung Exynos with AMD GPU the Key to Performance?

So far an unnamed wizard Exynos (Maybe 2200) with AMD RDNA2 graphics tested in 3DMark syntheticWhich mainly focuses on measuring the performance of the graphics system. A famous industrial detective with a pseudonym Ice world, posted a screenshot on his Twitter where we can see exactly the result of benchmark tests as 8134 points.

This is higher than any Android smartphone currently on sale. on the site Standards. ul So far the king Huawei Mate 40 Pro + Using the original SoC Kirin with Mali-G78 graphics, which can score 6036 points. Snapdragon 888-based flagships in the synthetic test score an average of 5600 points, a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra With the Exynos 2100, he gets 5,221 units.

Comparing the upcoming Exynos equipped with AMD RDNA2 graphics directly to the current chip Exynos 2100And the We achieve an efficiency increase of up to 55%, which is confirmed by the result of 8134 points. Ice world It indicates that the SoC tested uses cores made on the older ARM Cortex A77 microarchitecture, which debuted two years ago. Graphics processor paired with the latest ARMv9-based cores in the ultimate SoC Samsung Exynos (2200), it may be more efficient.

(Source: Samsung)

According to the current information, the chip with RDNA2 graphics has a big problem with overheating. The first test passes without any problems, however, the next test throttles the graphics processor – lowering system clocks due to high temperatures. The result of the second test was less impressive, because it was 30% lower than the first.

Let’s say in the back of our head that mobile processors with RDNA2 GPUs will probably be tested on smartphones that do not have a cooling system designed specifically for a particular chip, after all, we are talking about engineering samples. According to previous rumors Samsung Exynos With AMD graphics It is to have its premiere next month. We’ll see if the current leaks are verified.

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