Samsung denied these reports, claiming that GOS was created only for video games. At the same time, he confirmed that a software update has been developed that will allow users to completely disable the performance degradation function. Many of them want to be able to use the full power of the hardware they paid for.

Now Samsung is apologizing for the Galaxy S22 issues. Some shareholders want changes at the top

as Reports Elec, CEO of Samsung & hairsp; – & hairsp; Jong-Hee Han & hairsp; – & hairsp; Galaxy S22 performance controversy at annual shareholder meeting.

The head of the company was apologizing to the customers and making sure of that Samsung will listen to their voices more carefullyTo prevent these kinds of problems in the future.

During the meeting, some contributors had to express themselves Dissatisfaction From the fact that TM Roh was appointed head of the department responsible for the development of smartphones.

TM Roh made Samsung change its strategy 180 degrees

TM Roh became the CEO of Samsung Mobile in January 2020. Currently, he heads the largest division of MX Business.

“When it comes to business decisions, Tae Moon Roh is known for shifting production of the cheapest Samsung smartphones from its factories in Korea to Chinese subcontractors, which has allowed production costs to be lowered” – I was writing In January 2020. Indeed, the new president quickly established himself as a man obsessed with cutting costs.

The first top-of-the-line phone developed under his rule was the Galaxy Note 20, which has been criticized for its identity Building houses using plastic. Samsung hasn’t used glass construction on its flagship model for the first time since 2014.

Later on, plastic also made its way to the Galaxy S21, and that wasn’t the only cost cut. In the S21 and S21+ models, Samsung ditched the 1440p curved screens used for years in favor of 1080p flat panels.

Since TM Roh is responsible for the Galaxy smartphones, each new generation brings some regression compared to the previous one. For example Galaxy S22 Ultra – PLN 5899 & hairsp; – & hairsp; In the basic version it has only 8 GB of RAM. The previous two generations had 12GB as standard. Although it must be honestly pointed out that the entire S22 series has glass casings, it seems that previous decisions were wrong.

There are reasonable suspicions that the software limits performance Game optimization service was also born from savings. As a result, Samsung did not have to implement a more advanced and expensive cooling system.

Will TM Roh be removed from the stool? unknown. From the customer’s point of view good news However, the issue was never raised at the meeting with the shareholders. Samsung got a clear signal that lowering production costs must have limits.

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