The unusual situation occurred after the September match with Arsenal in the Premier League (Liverpool won 3: 1). According to The Sun newspaper, Mohamed Salah sided with the homeless David Craig, who was insulted by a group of young boys. Mo was just as cool as he was on the field. He heard what this group was saying to me, so he turned to them and said: It might be you in a few years. All I know is that he was not hallucinating when Mo handed me £ 100. What a myth – a homeless man admitted to reporters.

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The English Premier League begins. “Chelsea will not come close to Liverpool or City”

Mohamed Salah helps the homeless

On the Internet, the gas station monitoring picture is gaining increasing popularity, as it appears at around 11 pm Mohamed Salah stands with the homeless man and communicates with him, giving him the 100 pounds mentioned above.

Mohamed Salah shocked the masses in Great Britain again. In May of this year, while refueling his car, he paid for everyone who was at the gas station at the time. After this visit to the station, the football player received a lot of praise.

This is not the first time that an Egyptian has shown that his heart is big. Aside from Mohamed Salah’s little gestures, the soccer player is also involved in bigger projects. Two years ago, the Liverpool striker supported the construction of a medical center and a school for girls in Egypt, and bought for 330,000. A pound of land to build a sewage treatment plant in Nagrig, the place he grew up in.

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