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Android 12, although it has not been officially introduced by Google, is not as mysterious as it was a few days ago. Screen shots allegedly taken from official system documents, which are already in the hands of major partners, have been released to the network, as reported. XDA Developers. The attached graphics show what Android 12 will look like, and if confirmed, there will be a lot of visual changes.

Although the latest big versions of Android are not much different from their predecessors, Android 12, as suggested in the accompanying screenshots, will be updated clearly regarding Eleven. You can see, among other things, the updated notification panel, privacy settings and options related to widgets. The rounded corners of all controls are accentuated and app icons on the desktop are cut out in this way.

Typical screenshots show which interface matches the background. This can reveal local support for this type of match; It is possible that in addition to the typical “light” and “dark” theme, Android 12 users will be able to take advantage of additional color modes specially designed for wallpaper.

As shown in the screenshots, users will also be able to use new widgets that will be closely related to the notification panel and notification of, for example, missed calls. The novelty will also appear in the top bar, along with the icons for the hour, range, and battery charge. As shown in the screenshots, there will be additional icons that will inform you if any app is currently using a microphone or camera.

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We will likely learn more about Android 12 soon, when it is introduced by Google, most likely during the I / O conference, provided that despite the pandemic it will have a similar shape and history, as usual. The premiere of the completed Android 12 system is expected in the second half of the year.