more than 10000 Soldiers of the Southern Military District of Russia organization in Tactical group battalion Begins training at the age of 20 training grounds in the south Russia and in Abkhazia, Armenia and North Ossetia – Command the area in Rostov-on-Don.

They will also participate in the exercises Sub-units of the coastal protection of the Black Sea and Caspian Fleets. The goal of the exercises is to learn new tactical procedures in reconnaissance and attack groups, including artillery, aviation and snipers.

Unmanned combat units and groups will also participate in the exercises Countering chemical attacks and electronic camouflage— The Southern Military District Command in Rostov-on-Don announced on Wednesday.

Southern Military District – By Subject Center for Oriental Studies in Warsaw It is the smallest of the main administrative units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in terms of area, and has remained one of the most powerful and most involved in state-led armed conflicts since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I bore the main burden of both wars in Chechnya and hit the Georgia In 2008, and now – together with its Black Sea Fleet – the main responsibility for actions against Ukraine and for carrying out a military operation in Syria.

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